Founder's Message


If you love your people, they will definitely pay that back to you. This is how I would like to sum up the story behind our success. When I started Al Ahmad Group of Companies, long years ago, I believed in the power of love and trust that could help me make my dreams real. It has always been a people driven organization - we care for our customers, our employees and every public associated with us. Our priorities are determined by the customer’s needs. We watched them closely, communicated with them dearly, understood their problems and needs clearly, and worked to solve them sincerely. We still do it, and will never let lose our focus on our people.

With immense support you have extended to us, we started Hazel and could triumph in the retail and wholesale markets of FMCG and food trading sector in Qatar. This has given us the confidence to venture into the highly competitive and booming Real Estate and Construction Sectors. And now, with your backing, we are writing new success stories through our passion and dedicated efforts to conquer new heights. Hazel cultivates a people oriented business approach, and upholds social values that can augment the overall progress of the nation. At this crucial time when we gear up for more ambitious projects, I would like to ask you to go on with us with the support and love you have given all these days


Thank You
Mr. Al Haj Hassan Ahmed